How to Prepare for Exam Everyone who takes the VBA Certification Exam will have a unique and varied background, filled with thousands of experiences from different employers and co-workers.  Therefore, it would be impossible for 713Training.Com to develop an Exam centered around our training materials exclusively.  Instead, the VBA Certification Exam is structured to test you in areas that you need to be familiar with, either from life experiences, or working in some area of law, an association with an attorney or legal professional in your family, or by taking additional secretarial or paralegal classes either through on-the-job training or online courses. This is NOT to say that you “must” possess this background knowledge to take the VBA Certification Exam.  You may be one of those rare people who have the ability to learn instantly.  One of my best success stories was a man named Andy Matyac in Millersport, Ohio.  Andy read the How to Start a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Business book, practiced on his own for 4 days, then drove to my house for 2 hours of training.  Within 30 days, Andy was working for 5 attorneys and doing an excellent job.  If you are someone like Andy Matyac, you may not need to study for the VBA Certification Exam at all.  But if you are like the majority of us, you will need to prepare. Basic Training Materials Developed by 713Training.Com Although NOT required, below are several books I recommend you purchase and study (not just read) prior to taking the VBA Certification Exam. How to Start a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Business Book:  CLICK HERE Ebook:  CLICK HERE The Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Training Workbook Book:  CLICK HERE Ebook:  CLICK HERE Save $20.00 on the Complete Basic Training Kit CLICK HERE 10-CD Collection: How to Prepare a Bankruptcy Petition CLICK HERE Complete Bankruptcy Training Kit CLICK HERE Recommended Training From Others Free Videos: Consumer Information Regarding Bankruptcy CLICK HERE Be sure to watch ALL NINE (9) videos for a complete overview Free Training Articles CLICK HERE How to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy by Albin Renauer, J.D., Robin Leonard, JD, Stephen Elias CLICK HERE Although this book is written for the consumer who is filing bankruptcy, it is always a good idea to study the law from both the perspective of the client as well as the legal side.  This type of training method will provide you with a well-rounded education that you cannot get from most college courses.  This particular book is published by Nolo Press, a leader in high quality, well written legal books. Bankruptcy Basics: A Step-by-Step Guide for Pro Bono Attorneys, General Practitioners and Legal Service Offices (NCLC Manuals) by John Rao, Tara Twomey CLICK HERE This book is not aimed at the lay person, and it contains practical, straightforward information and sample filled-out forms. The very helpful software on the companion website streamlines the initial form-filling process by inserting repetitive information automatically. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie CLICK HERE Every successful business person, from Donald Trump to Warren Buffet has read this book. It was written by Dale Carnegie back in the 1940s and it is a dynamo at helping you to build self-confidence and business success. Model Rules for Professional Conduct Pertaining to Attorneys by The American Bar Association CLICK HERE Model Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility by The National Federation of Paralegal Associations CLICK HERE All information on this website is copyright.  VBACertification.Com is a subsidiary of 713Training.Com The VBA Certification Exam can be personalized with your company or law firm information and placed online through your own Quia account. This allows you to test current and future employees as well as measure the skill level of VBAs before you hire them. Contact Us