The Master Certified VBA Cost: $1,200.00 The Master VBA Certification Exam is the highest level you can obtain as a Certified VBA.  In order to be awarded the Master VBA Certification you must have: All information on this website is copyright.  VBACertification.Com is a subsidiary of 713Training.Com Passed the Certified VBA Exam with a score of 90% or better. Prepared at least two (2) bankruptcy petitions for one of more attorneys whom we can contact for verification of your skill level.  VBAs will be required to provide us with the case numbers so that we can verify them on PACER.  Only petitions that demonstrate a high level of skill by the VBA will be considered to meet these criteria. VBA must prepare a bankruptcy petition (without assistance) onsite at the 713 Training Center as well as receive additional training and evaluation directly from a 713 Certified Instructor.  This requires the VBA to travel to either Salt Lake City, Utah or Denver, Colorado; or if the VBA is unable to travel, he or she may request 713Training to come to their location.  In this case, the VBA will be responsible for paying travel, lodging and meal expenses for a member of the 713Training Team to test at their location. Lodging and meal expenses are included in the price when the VBA travels to the 713Training Training Center in Utah or Colorado. Additionally, the VBA receives a full day of personalized training that is also included in the cost.  Depending on how long it takes the VBA to complete this part of the exam, additional training in the form of procedures, online and offline marketing or whatever other type of training the VBA would like to cover while she is at the 713 Training Center. Master Certified VBAs Receive the Following Benefits A beautifully framed and mounted Master VBA Certificate with Transcripts and personal recommendation from 713Training.Com.  Since 713Training.Com is a recognized leader in the VBA industry nationwide, this personal recommendation will ensure you recognition and preference over non-Certified VBAs. A beautiful trophy personalized with the Master Certified VBAs name.  This will become a treasured heirloom as well as providing prestige and recognition for this high achievement. A LIFETIME membership in the National Association of Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants (NAVBA); which means that you receive 10% off everything you purchase from 713Training.Com forever.  This is a $799.00 value. A LIFETIME listing in the online NAVBA Member Directory.  Attorneys come to this directory to locate and hire VBAs. Free attendance at the Annual NAVBA Picnic, held in August at the beautiful Willow Tree Grove Recreation Center.  You and your family can enjoy an outdoor pool, hot tub and grilling while surrounded by majestic views of Pikes Peak. Free ongoing training and support throughout your career.  Even if you are a seasoned bankruptcy professional, you are always going to come across scenarios you have not encountered before.  Simply call or email 713Training.Com and we will help you. Your company name and link will be PERMANENTLY added to the NAVBA website and you will be designated as a Master VBA. An interview will be conducted by 713Training and an article written about your company.  This article will be published to no less than a 1.5 million circulation and will help to bring you more business. You will be provided with the Master VBA logos to use on your website or to print on your marketing materials.  Logos are provided in low and high resolution to maintain quality. You can be assured work from other virtual assistants and bankruptcy attorneys because your skills have been personally verified by a Certified Training Instructor and only a select few are awarded the Master Certified VBA designation.  713Training will continue working one-on-one with you until paid work has been assigned. The VBA Certification Exam can be personalized with your company or law firm information and placed online through your own Quia account. This allows you to test current and future employees as well as measure the skill level of VBAs before you hire them. Contact Us