Questions and Answers Question Once I earn my VBA Certification do I have it for life or do I need to retake exams? Answer Once you pass the VBA Certification Exam you have proven that you have the knowledge needed to prepare bankruptcy petitions. Therefore, you do not need to retake future exams to prove what you already have demonstrated that you know. However, because the law changes consistently, a good VBA should always keep up to date on these changes.  Doing this allows the VBA to keep a “step ahead” and provide information to the attorney he or she is working for.  The following references enable a VBA to do that and to do their job better: Question Do I need to obtain my VBA Certification in order to work for bankruptcy attorneys? Answer No.  Although the VBA Certification Exam is the first and only existing Exam to measure your skills as a VBA, it is not approved by the American Bankruptcy Institute at this time. Attorneys have no boundaries about who they may hire as a virtual assistant and therefore the VBA Certification is not absolutely necessary to obtain work as a virtual bankruptcy assistant. Question If it is not required by attorneys, how will the VBA Certification help me? Answer 713Training.Com is the developer of the virtual bankruptcy assistant field.  In addition, Victoria Ring has been writing articles about debtor bankruptcy since 2001.  Because of this longevity, a large number of bankruptcy attorneys immediately recognize the 713Training.Com company name.  However, some do not.  For the attorneys who are not familiar with 713Training.Com, they will still be more inclined to hire you because you have obtained VBA Certification status simply because you took the extra steps to achieve it. This is one reason it is extremely important to print out copies of all the online quizzes you take to show your score on the various modules within the VBA Certification Exam.  These print outs should be enough to show an attorney that you have the basic skills and training they require in a VBA. Question Will I receive any college or CLE credits by taking the VBA Certification Exam? Answer The VBA Certification Exam is not intended for the purpose of fulfilling any college curriculum. The focus is to prepare you for a successful career as a VBA.  Therefore, you will not receive any college or CLE credits for taking the VBA Certification Exam. Question After I pay for the VBA Certification Exam, is there a TIME LIMIT for when I must complete it? Answer Yes, you must complete all 15 Quizzes of the VBA Certification Exam within 30 DAYS after purchase.  This is why it is imperative that you FULLY PREPARE before taking this Exam.  Preparation skills are extremely important to have when working in the legal field, which is why the Exam was developed to demonstrate and test those skills.  Additionally, the VBA Certification Exam is set up to simulate (as closely as possible) a real world experience working for a bankruptcy attorney.  If a bankruptcy attorney gives you a set of client intake forms to compile a bankruptcy petition from, you should IMMEDIATELY begin working on it within 24 hours and have a draft (or a good explanation for the delay) to them within a few days.  If you purchase the VBA Certification Exam and do not complete it within 30 days, this shows that you need to be trained in organizational, procedural and customer service skills before working for a bankruptcy attorney. All information on this website is copyright.  VBACertification.Com is a subsidiary of 713Training.Com IMPORTANT: If you purchase the VBA Certification Exam and submit it after the 30 DAYS HAS EXPIRED, 250 POINTS will be DEDUCTED from your final grade.  This could mean the difference between passing or failing the exam, so we encourage you to prepare before purchasing and taking the VBA Exam. CLICK HERE The VBA Certification Exam can be personalized with your company or law firm information and placed online through your own Quia account. This allows you to test current and future employees as well as measure the skill level of VBAs before you hire them. Contact Us